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Hymn to Che Guevara, Michael Raven and Joan Mills’ second LP on the Folk Heritage label. Early 1970s. Only 100 were pressed. This, and the Death and the Lady LP, will cost you £300 each today, if you can find one.
NOTE: many other recordings are mentioned in the Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 pages as Companion Cassettes and CDs.

A Shropshire Lad (Sample Available, click on Album picture to play.)
A Shropshire Lad - Album ImageMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
Price £12.00 (CD)
CDMR69 An 80 minute CD. 17 Housman poems, set to traditional melodies, alternate with 20 Welsh tunes arranged for solo guitar. Released 1994. A companion book is available. Just as a matter of interest, Housman refused to let his poems be broadcast by the BBC unless they were put to melodies and sung.


Welsh Guitar
Welsh Guitar - Album coverMichael Raven
Price £12 (CD)

CDMR74 Recordings of Welsh airs and dances. The music of all 47 recordings are published in the book Welsh Guitar. Playing time 80 minutes. Straight, honest recordings with no editing or effects. The guitar is a custom-made Lowden. Recorded in 1995 in a cottage in the Welsh borders. Michael Raven was born in Cardiff and went to Towyn Grammar School, near Aberdovey.


Recital - Album coverMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
Price £12 (CD)

CDMR70 This is a companion recording to the book English Folk Guitar Book 4. Songs and guitar solos alternate. There are 24 tracks in all,, including Raglan Road, Illic Jacet (Housman), Moorlough Shore, Fortune my Foe, Lass from the Low Country, Minuet de la Cour, and Brisk Young Widow, etc. 79 minutes playing time. “Classic performances.” Derek Giffard

Flowers of Picardy (Sample Available, click on Album picture to play.)
Flowers of Picardy - Album coverMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
Price £12 (CD)

CDMR73 Songs alternate with instrumentals and poems throughout. There are 28 tracks with a playing time of 77 minutes. Titles include Dancing Lady, Robin Hood’s Dance, Trecynon Polka, Adson’s Saraband, Over the Wall, Paris Polka, Cluster of Nuts, etc.


Songs and Solos (Sample Available, click on Album picture to play.)
Songs and Solos - Album coverMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
Price £12 (CD)

CDMR68. An 80 minute CD. 24 guitar solos and 13 songs. Released in 1994. Traditional and contemporary. “Quite exceptional”, Nick Beale, Folk Roots. A companion book is available. See under Guitar Music.


The Dutch Connection
The Dutch ConnectionMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
Price £8 (Cassette)

Side One was recorded in Holland in 1976. Contents: Katie Cruel, Maid of Tottenham, Owain Glyndwr, Tenpenny Bit, Mad Tom of Bedlam, Constant Lovers, Clerk Colville, Young Jane, Lord McDonald, Burning of Auchindown, Brisk Young Widow, Miller’s Song, Come Live with Me, Rogue’s Wedding, Night Visiting Song, Improvisation, Ludlow Recruit, Rex Gloria, Robin Hood and the Tanner, Little Birds of the Mountain, Tarbolton Lodge, Longford Collector, Sailor’s Bonnet, etc. (The last four titles with Reynardine.) 60 minutes playing time. Cassette only.

The Folk Heritage Recordings
The Folk Heritage Recordings - Album coverMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals and guitar)
Price £6.50 (Cassette)

Selected tracks from the LP Death and the Lady (1972): Jolly Highwayman, Lisa Lan, Ladies Don’t Go a Thieving, Robin Hood's Dance, Sarabande, Captain’s Apprentice, Can y Melinydd, Troseg y Gareg, Sarah Collins, White Gloves, La Russe Waltz, Paris Polka, Queen of the Night. Selected tracks from the LP Hymn to Che Guevara (1974): Belle Star and Jesse James, Twenty Years, Melancholy Pavan, Hymn to Che Guevara, Great Train Robbery, Magpies in Picardy, Little White Donkey, Dancing Lady, Midnight City. 60 minutes playing time. Available as cassette only.

Songs and Dances of Herefordshire
Songs and Dances of Herefordshire - Album coverMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
with guests Pat and Roy Palmer Price £12.00 (CD)

CDMR76. Duration 79 minutes. 16 songs, 10 guitar solos, 3 viola tunes and 4 poems. Some enchanting music, most of it previously unrecorded. Many of the songs were collected at the Ross Workhouse, demolished in 1995. All the music on the CD is printed in the Ross Workhouse Songbook.


Retrospective - album coverMichael Raven
Price £12.00 (CD)

CDMR75. 35 tracks with 72 minutes playing time of solo guitar. Consists of three parts: all the tracks but one from Gipsy: A Variety of Guitar Music (Cambrian SCLP610) recorded in one three hour session in 1973; the Suites in E and D from A Miscellany of Guitar Music (broadside BRO124) recorded in 1977; and An English Collection 1, recorded in 1995.


Taming the Dragon’s Strings
Taming the Dragon's StringsMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals) Price £12.00 (CD)

CDMR71. Duration 71 minutes. 23 guitar solos, 2 Housman songs (The West, and Loveliest of Trees), and 21 original poems from Song of the Fox, recited by Michael Raven. Guitar solos include the very popular Spanish Morris, Christmas at Soulton Hall, and Lovely on the Water. Amongst the poems are Foxy’s Flying, Dark-haired Daughters and Pell Wall Hall.


The Reynardine Tapes
The Renardine Tapes - Album coverMichael Raven (guitar, cittern, mandolin, bass, organ);
Joan Mills (vocal, guitar, drum);
John Rose (fiddle);
Ado Morris (tin whistle, guitar)
Price £7.50

CDMR72. Duration 75 minutes. 22 tracks, 10 with Reynardine recorded In 1979. Songs and lively dance tunes. Titles include the band versions of Queen of the Night, Hungarian Hat, and Three Hearty Young Poachers, and the increasingly popular Old Dublin Fireman, recorded by Mike and Joan in 1995. There are also two concert guitar solos - the Lichfield Bower Processional, and the epic Tarantos.

The Halliard : Jon Raven/The Jolly Machine
The Halliard : Jon Raven/the Jolly Machine - Album CoverNic Jones, Dave Moran, Nigel Pattison, Mike Raven & Joan Mills with Saga (2-LP reissue)
Price £12 (CD)

CDMR77. Duration 79 minutes. This CD is a slightly modified reissue of two LP records. The Halliard: Jon Raven (Broadside BRO 106), first issued in 1968, was made for the Halliard’s farewell tour and contains some of their best known songs: Going for a Soldier Jenny, Lancashire Lads, Calico Printer’s Clerk, and Ladies Don’t Go a Thievin’, etc. Two tracks from The Black Country Three (Transatlantic TRA 140) have been included. The Jolly Machine (Folk Heritage FHR 053) was recorded by Michael Raven and Joan Mills with Derby group Saga in 1974. All the songs are in the Jolly Machine book. The Black Country Three end the proceedings with the Dudley Canal Tunnel Song. 29 tracks in all.

Celtic Flamenco
Celtic Flamenco - Album CoverMichael Raven (Guitar)
Price £6.50 (cassette)

CassMR78 A cassette consisting of tracks taken from CD recordings of flamenco and flamenco-inspired arrangements of British tunes. Tracks are: Troseg y Gareg/Rakes of Mallow/Tanguilio, Chattering Magpie, Lovely on the Water/Hills of Sarajevo, Lichfield Bower Processional, Pavan for a Dead Princess, Willow Rag, Soleares, Black is the Colour, Bolero, Road to Lisdoonvarna/Road to Towyn, Maid of Provence, Spanish Morris 38 minutes playing time.


The Irish In Me
The Irish In Me - Album coverMichael Raven (guitar)
Joan Mills (vocals)
Price £6.50 (cassette)

CassMR79. Joan’s mother, Margaret “Jeannie” Meehan, came from Ballindrait, Donegal. The contents are: Maid from the Northlands, Errol Flynn, Sally Gardens, The Backwoodsman, Old Dublin Fireman, Johnny Gallagher, Moorlough Shore, Widow Woman’s Daughter, Brink of the White Rock, Star of Belle Isle, Irish Girl, Raglan Road. 46 minutes playing time. Cassette only.


My Old Friend   (Sample Available, click on Album picture to play.)
My Old FriendMichael Raven and Joan Mills
with guest Johnny Collins
Price £12 (CD)

CDMR80. Five guitar solos – Abbot’s Bromley Horn Dance, Sheba’s Daughter, Squire Mytton’s Gallop, Grey Valley, and Spanish Morris – and 13 songs, almost all by Mike Raven: My Old Friend (for a much missed dog called Pirate), Errol Flynn, Song for Diana, Che Guevara (once released as a single), Is My Dear Lord Asleep?, English Lanes, John Collins, Rebel Leader’s Lament, Maid from the Northlands, My Bonny Lads Away, Loveliest of Trees. All the music and words of the songs and transcriptions of all the guitar solos are printed in a 36 page booklet which comes free with the CD. This highly acclaimed recording was released in 1998. Duration: 60 minutes.

Gipsy English
Gipsy EnglishMichael Raven
Price £12 (CD)

CDMR81. True solo guitar recorded in a country house in the Welsh Marches with no editing or studio enhancements whatsoever. Titles are: Lisa Lan/Road to Towyn, Coalisland Massacre, Cat Tails Polka, Lament for Limerick, Captain’s Entrance, First Tuesday in Autumn, Black Joke, Sheepskins, All People that on Earth do Dwell, Tarantella, Barcarole, Circassian Circle, Shepherd O Shepherd, Indian Queen, Maid of Provence, Glendower’s Jig, Be Thou My Vision, Chiapa, Anarchie Gordon. Recorded Autumn 1999.


Outlaw of Loch Lene (Sample Available, click on Album picture to play.)
Oulaw of Loch Lene - Album coverJoan Mills
Accompanied by Michael Raven
Price £10 (CD)

CDMR83. “Both the instrumentation and the singing are a delight.” Mered Evans, former Head of Light Entertainment BBC Wales TV and Radio. Titles are: Sea Fever, Angel of Armagh, The Inquest, Green Rain, Secret Garden, Outlaw of Loch Lene, I would that the wars were all over, The Woods of Zamora, The Hungry Army, Mary from Dunglow, Sailor Home. Contains some outstanding ballads. Recorded in the Autumn of 1999. “Her unforced, natural approach is absolutely fine by me.” Nick Beale, Folk Roots