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Michael Raven
Price £10.00

This is a CD of the LP record first released in 1968 by Broadside Records (BRO100). Performers: Michael Raven and Jon Raven with Jean Ward. Contents: King Henry IV and the King of France, Bold Robin Hood and the Three Squires, The Rose Tree, Cold Blows the Wind, Come All Yew Blades, Brave Collier Lads, Collier Lass, Ballad of Trubshaw and Green (wrestlers), Wife for Sale, Nailmakers’ Strike of 1862, Wedgebury Cocking, Gabriel’s Hounds, John Wesley, William Booth, Darlaston Dogfight, Staffordshire Hornpipe, Hampton (Wolverhampton) Lullaby, Ye Three Tall Men. Jon Raven is in especially good voice on this recording.

The Black Country Three
Price £10.00

CD of the LP record first released in 1966 by Transatlantic Records (TRA140). Performers: Michael Raven, Jon Raven, Derek Craft and a session bass player. Contents: The Boxing Match, Long Ago Far Away, Buttermilk Hill, Song of the Western Men, Three Ravens, Jolly Joe, Row Bullies Row, Wedgefield Wake, Villancico, Wine of Gaul, She Moved Through the Fair, Mission of San Miguel, Riflemen of Bennington, All Bells in Paradise.

The Dutch Connection - Album coverMichael Raven and Joan Mills
Price £10.00

CD of the LP record made by Michael Raven and Joan Mills in Utrecht for Munich Records called Can y Melinydd (MU7430). Contents: Katie Cruel, Maid of Tottenham, Owain Glyndwr, Tenpenny Jig, Bedlam Boys, Constant Lover, Clerk Colvill, Burning of Auchindown, Brisk Young Widow, Night Visiting Song, Young Jane/Lord McDonald, Brave Nelson, Widow Woman’s Daughter, Can y Melinydd.

The Folk Heritage Recordings - Album CoverMichael Raven and Joan Mills
Price £10.00

CD of the majority of tracks from two LP records made by Michael Raven and Joan Mills and released on the Folk Heritage label: Death and the Lady (FHR047); Hymn to Che Guevara (FHR054). Contents from Death and the Lady are: The Jolly Highwayman, Lisa Lan, Ladies Don’t Go a-Thievin’, Robin Hood’s Dance, Sarabande, Captain’s Apprentice, Can y Melinydd/Troseg y Gareg (instrumental), Sarah Collins, White Gloves, La Russe Waltz/Paris Polka, Queen of the Night. Tracks from Hymn to Che Guevara are: Belle Star and Jesse James, Twenty Years, Melancholy Pavan, Hymn to Che Guevara, Great Train Robbery, Magpies in Picardy, little White Donkey, Dancing Lady.

The Jolly Machine - Album coverMichael Raven and Joan Mills with Saga
Price £10.00

CD of the LP record made by Michael Raven and Joan Mills with folk group Saga in 1974 for the Folk Heritage label (FHR053). Subtitled: Songs of Industrial Protest and Social Discontent from the West Midlands as printed in the book of the same name. Contents: Chartists’Anthem, Nailmakers’ Lament, Charlie’s Song, Needlemakers’ Lamentation, Landlord Don’t You Cry, Freedom and Reform, John Whitehouse, Potters’ Chant, Waiting for Wages, Wednesbury Town, Jolly Machine, Colliers’ Rant, Tommy Note, Dudley Canal Tunnel Song (Push, Boys, Push) performed by the Black Country Three.

Guitar Music - Album coverMichael Raven
Price £10.00

CD of Michael Raven’s first solo guitar LP record made for Transatlantic (XTRA 1046) in 1966. This is a record of flamenco music and was made in one three hour session in Birmingham. Contents: Jota Aragonesa, Bulerias, Black is the Colour (as a Granadinas), Zambra, Romance d’Amour, Bobby Shaftoe (with flamenco variations), Alegrias, Garrotin, El Vito, Freight Train, Soleares, Farruca.

Michael Raven
Price £10.00

CD of the entire contents of the book of the same name. (See the Guitar pages of this website.). Previously only available as a cassette. Contents: Eton Boating Song, Schubert’s Serenade, Cwm Rhondda, Lovely Joan, Geordie, Fur Elise, Tom Dooley, Freight Train, Rosalita, Frankie and Johnny, Bill Bailey, Grandfather’s Clock, Ash Grove, John Brown’s Body, Juanita, Bluebell Polka, Be Thou My Vision, Old rugged Cross, Walsingham, Red Flag, Scottish Soldier, Blarney Pilgrim, Crimond, Loch Lomond, Tango Argentina, O Sole Mio, Greensleeves, Lillebulero, Prelude in E Minor, English Tarantella, Going Home, Daisy Belle, French Popular Song, Abide with Me, Don Giovanni Minuet, Claire de Lune.