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On this page all LP records are £14; all cassettes are £7; and all CDs are £10

The Nailmakers
LP Broadside BRO115
A musical documentary by Jon Raven and Malcolm Totten, first performed at Birmingham Repertory Theatre in 1973 in conjunction with BBC Radio Birmingham.

Ballad of the Black Country
Broadside BRO116 (LP)
Performed by Jon Raven, John Kirkpatrick, David Oxley and Mike Billington. Recorded in 1975.

Black Country Night Out Show
Broadside BRO132 (LP)
The very popular comedy and song theatre show that played to full houses. Performed by Jon Raven, Tommy Mundon, Brian Clift, Harry Harrison and Dolly Allen. Recorded live in 1977.

Steam Ballads
Broadside BRO121 (LP)
Performed by Jon raven, Harry Boardman, Kempion, and Tony Rose. Recorded in 1977.

English Sporting Ballads
Broadside BRO128 (LP)
Performed by the High Level Ranters and Martin Wyndham Reed. Recorded in 1977.

Writer of Songs
Beeswing LBEE002 (LP)
Songs written and sung by Harvey Andrews recorded for Cube Records in 1972, with Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg, Ralph McTell, Rick Wakeman and others.

Beeswing LBEE01 (LP)
Performed by Harvey Andrews, Pete Wingfield and Geoff Bodenham. Recorded in 1980.

Tomorrow We Part
Broadside BRO133 (LP)
Performed by Finbar Furey, George Furey, Bob Stewart, and Stuart Gordon.

Andy’s Gone
BRO134 (cassette)
Martin Wyndham Reed accompanied by Nic Jones and Toni Arthur.

Fragile Life
Broadside BRO137 (CD)
Jon Raven sings his original songs supported by Daniel Raven and Gavin Monaghan. Recorded in Wolverhampton, 1995.

Che Guevara
Ravenshead (Michael Raven and Joan Mills)
Big Bear
Price £4.00 (single)

Rare vinyl single released in 1980 and was popular among car workers in Birminghham and Coventry – they have their own radio stations. Fame at last! Only about 40 left.

A Miscellany of Guitar Music
Michael Raven
Price £ 12.00 (LP)

Broadside BRO124. Recorded in 1977. Contents: Suite in D: Prelude, Warrior’s Welcome Home, Comical Fellow, Bushes and Briars, Two Butchers, Leonore, Aymara, McKinnon’s Lament and Jig, New Mown Hay, Bourree, Rough Music. Suite in E: Sarabande, Fanfare, Hymn Waltz; Lakes of Pontchartrain Jonathan Wild’s Jig, Tarantos, Black Joke, To the Weavers.

Jon Raven, Douglas Parker and John Crane
Price £4 (book)

A beautifully illustrated story about a cat for children. A4 hardback in full colour throughout. Published in 1983.

Black Country Colliers
Jon Raven
Price £4 (book)

The folklore and songs of Black Country miners, handsomely illustrated and full sources credited. Published with the aid of a grant from the Edward Cadbury Trust. A4, 32 pages.

Tettenhall History
Geoffrey Hancock
Price £10 (book)

A history of Tettenhall, now a suburb of Wolverhampton. A4, 100 pages.

Jon Raven
Price £7 (book)

Old black and white photographs with informative captions. A4, 48 pages.

Folklore of Staffordshire
Jon Raven
Price £5

A paperback reprint of the hardback first published by Batsford but without the indexes and sources.